July 2018



Design Thinking: A Powerful Tool for Innovation.


The word “design” often triggers people to imagine that to engage in Design Thinking requires exceptional creative skill. This misnomer keeps many of us from believing that we too can be design thinkers! The irony is that by simply being an empathetic human being, we perform design thinking every day.


Download the WHITEPAPER to discover the Design Thinking process, or as we like to call it, Empathy Solution Designing.





At Fresh Squeezed Ideas, we are often approached by organizations seeking our support to help them innovate a product or a service. The design process is a quick and effective way to kick start innovation and establish a pipeline of new business opportunities. Moreover, it's a great way for teams to learn how to unleash their inner creativity, rally together different disciplines within their organization, and establish a renewed commitment to delivering new and better ways of improving the lives of their customers.


Authored By

Karen McCauley

Co-Founder & CEO

Fresh Squeezed Ideas








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