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New Blog Post: How Do We Measure Value?


Before diving into the full blog post, take a second to test your own thought processes. Say, out loud (or under your breath), your birthday in numbers, month-day-year, year-month-date, doesn't matter. Go! 


You can pull up that information and recite it relatively quickly because you've had to say, write and type it so many times that it became automatic for you. That is System 1 thinking. Now, out loud again, recite those numbers backwards. Go!


Not so quick and easy, huh? That's because you were using System 2 thinking. System 2 is when we're slowly, deliberately thinking about something. This is not something we do if it can be avoided, in fact, odds are, most of you didn't even do the tasks. Go back and do the whole thing, it's worth it to get the full experience. 


If you did do the whole thing, well done! You now have a personal understanding of System 1 and System 2 thinking, and a great example you can use with others. If you didn't do it, that's okay, humans are pros at avoid doing things we don't need to. Daniel Kahneman, who popularized System 1 and System 2 thinking, said it best "Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats. They can do it if they have to, but only in dire emergencies."


So, how does this fit into answering the question of "how do we measure value?" Read the full blog post to find out!







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